Prophetic Dream - Calling Forth Caleb's

I believe that God is calling us to have hearts like CALEB (Numbers 13).

To be men and women of a "different spirit." Regardless of what it looks like or costs us.

To be able to look at our promised land, and KNOW that God not only can but WILL. To know that He is with us, and we CAN OCCUPY because through our God, "we are well able to overcome..." (Numbers 13:30).

To be people who DON'T TURN BACK, don't give up, and don't go backwards when we have some SO FAR.

To be able to see beyond what is just ahead of us. To look at the giants in the land and not deny that they exist, but to not give them not even an inch of the glory they want. To be able to STAND and give ALL GLORY TO JESUS! To know, declare, and confidently act upon the truth that the time of the giants is OVER.

It's time for us to TAKE, POSSESS and IMPACT our territory! It's time to go up HIGHER, possess MORE, and take others WITH US.

Check out the dream that I had a few nights ago, and be encouraged!


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