New Season, New Domain, New Direction!

I am so excited about what the Lord is doing in this new decade!!!

There is such an excitement in my Spirit as the Lord has been speaking to me about UNAPOLOGETIC OBEDIENCE to every little thing that He speaks to me. I am ok at "RADICAL OBEDIENCE," but I tend to sometimes make apologies for things that God has called me to do, especially if it puts ME in a spotlight.

But...NO MORE of that nonsense!

There are nations and generations waiting on me to be UNAPOLOGETIC in my obedience. The time is NOW.

One of my acts of obedience is changing the domain name of my website, as well as posting more frequently and becoming more focused on what I post and when. Having said that, some of you who have subscribed to my blogs will see that I am no longer "daughterinthemeadow" but "outrageoushope," to stay consistent with my social media presence.

I will also be starting a VLOG "talk-show-style" on YouTube in the next month, and I'll be posting links to that on my website as well. It should be up soon - watch this space for "Outrageously Hopeful Chats" with Mandy Woodhouse.

And have you been able to get a copy of either of my books, "Daughter in the Meadow" or "Identity Truth Bombs?" Both can be found on Amazon in paperback format. I pray they bless your socks off!

The anticipation of how God will move this year is quite literally making my body feel like it wants to EXPLODE! My faith is high and my expectations are endless. Glad you are coming along for the journey.....



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