THIS PHOTO. The significance of this photo taken by my friend Kyle is just unreal. 3 years ago I rarely ever smiled like this and I certainly would not have been standing up on a stage with a microphone. Joy would not have been a word used to describe me. I was crippled by insecurity and I was battling some minor depression. I had some breakthrough in 2016 and then in early 2017 my life was rocked again with unexpected loss throughout the year, the hardest being my mother in February. I had moments where smiling was forced. I constantly fought darkness, insecurity and depression again. But you know what? I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of my greatest weapons was Joy. I fought for joy and I pursued Jesus and intimacy with Him like never before! Jesus had already given me a new nature and transformed me on the inside, but He also began to transform me on the outside as I chased after Him and allowed Him to break unhealthy mindsets. I let Him hold me while I grieved. As I surrendered my own will and begin to realize that I truly am a new creation in Christ, my security in Him grew stronger. I felt like I could breathe again, I could see in bright colors again and I started to Sparkle again. So yeah, this photo means more to me than anyone would know. This is a testimony of what my Jesus has done! This photo points directly to Him, because He has freed me from all my fears. I look to Him and I am radiant, never covered (ever again)with shame (Psalm 34)!!! The joy of the Lord is my strength and I am blameless, beautiful, and Fierce, Wild and Free.....thank you, my Jesus!

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