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Inspiration to make you outrageously
by Mandy Woodhouse 

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I'm first and foremost a Daughter of the King.

A Hope-Filled Prophetic voice and lover of Jesus.

Wife, photographer, Author and writer, artist, traveler, adventurer.

Dreamer, speaker, encourager, prophetic intercessor.

Evangelist, passionate to teach others to share their faith too.

I am a life TRANSFORMED by Jesus.  He's my favourite subject.

I love to "chase away the birds" for people (Luke 8:5).

I am a herald of righteousness.

Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana and now living in Brisbane, Australia with my amazing Aussie husband (Carston) and three miniature schnauzers (Frodo, Charlie Jane and Mr. Wigglesworth), I am also the New Believers Director at Glory City Church and I teach at The Glory City Academy.  Through Outrageous Hope, I run online courses in identity, prayer, and the prophetic and I burn to see the world awakened to the truth about both personal identity as well as Who Jesus truly is.  I sit on the Queensland Prophetic Council, and am a regular contributor to the Elijah List and at times Spirit Fuel. 

My personal mission is to ENCOURAGE the Church, AWAKEN IDENTITY in the Bride of Christ and BRING HOPE to the nations through PROPHESY, WRITING, CREATIVE TEACHING and EVANGELISM.

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"As He is, so am I in this world..."
1 John 4:17 

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